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I was born in Toronto a long time ago. When I was a kid, I made strange puppets and little creatures and clothes for my dolls. When I grew up, I made little puppets and strange creatures and clothes for my children, as well as collage pictures and stories that eventually became books. I used scissors for all these things. I named my art studio Scissorhouse.


When I got older, I moved from Canada to live in New York City. I had a couple of children and told them stories. We imagined adventures that kids might have in the big, busy city and anywhere else. Eventually I began to write the stories down, and sometimes make pictures to go along with them.

Now I live in Canada again. My daughters live in New York City.

All of us still write stories and make pictures.


MJ Infant Prodigy.png
MJ 5th bday.jpg

Heading 1

Here I am, not two yet and making a picture.
MJ First Bike.png
This is my 5th birthday party. I hope I looked happier when the presents were opened.
A new used bike! Lucky me!
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