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in the classroom

I have visited hundreds of classrooms, talking with kids, reading aloud, answering questions, and leading art workshops. Happily, as a visitor, I am under no pressure to follow a curriculum or check boxes on a list.  Sharing a story or making something with friends is the surest way to inspire new ideas. How can we all make this true when we are teaching and learning?  

resources for teachers

I am involved in a project called BookFlap, a website that offers resources to teachers, writers, artists and readers. We share mini-masterclasses, interviews, kids reviewing kid books, and artist demonstrations. Come on over and take a look!

teach with sneaky art

Get support and inspiration for using sneaky art in the classroom, at summer camp, in a library reading club, at a birthday party, or through a virtual gathering...

invite me to visit your school

to lead a workshop in sneaky art or collage!

Workshops with kids from kindergarten through high school and with educators for Professional Development. Choose an hour long QuickStart session or a longer program for a full artistic exploration.

workshops for adults

“Using Collage to Inspire Language”

“Adventures in Sneaky Art”
For details and prices send me an email.

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