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Where the idea came from...

My kids grew up in New York City, walking to school along streets crowded with people and signs and litter - and also art. Handmade creations were tucked or scrawled or hanging in odd places. Yes, graffiti, but other things too, made from found objects or small toys. We called these discoveries Sneaky Art. Sneaky, as in taking the finder by surprise, making us look twice. We soon had our own ideas for ways to contribute to the great exhibition of city life.

Is there a sneaky artist in you?

If you like to make things, sneaky art is a good place to get new ideas and share some of your own.  For young artists, tricksters, and crafters, Sneaky Art is a hip, friendly how-to manual for creating removable and shareable art projects from easily found materials. The sneaky part is in the installation!

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