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Sneaky art in the classroom! 

Encourage kindly mischief!

Sneaky Art depends on paying attention to what’s around you and letting your imagination get to work. This can happen in two ways. The first is to notice the possibilities in something that is already there in the world; a snowy path, a bumpy tree, a funny-shaped carrot.  Alter it slightly (add a set of eyeballs?) and leave the new version in the place where you found it. The second method is to make something (a paper cupcake? a clothespeg with a face?) and put it somewhere unexpected, to surprise a friend or a stranger. 

Always remind kids that their own art does not have to look like anything in a book or like anyone's else's art. Books and pictures are good for getting ideas, but every artist is free to express themselves. That's the point.


and remember ...

Sneaky Art is NOT ... mean, defacing, ugly, hurtful, messy, or permanent. Sneaky Art is NOT graffiti or litter.

Sneaky Art IS ... funny, clever, thoughtful, temporary, subversive, playful & surprising!

old man tree.jpg
Kids know that littering is a bad idea. If the crafty items they’re sneaking onto the street are not made from natural materials, they need to be collected again after a few hours. 

Download these helpful items to help you get  sneaky in the classroom.

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