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some of you are curious to know...

what's your favourite colour?

Usually blue.

do you have a pet?
Not any more. I used to have a cat named Moe.
where do you get your ideas?
I find them in the street. 
Often when eavesdropping. 
Sometimes when I think, 'what if...'
Ideas fly around like dust motes... the tricky part is catching one and turning it into words.
how many books have you published?
which one of your books is your favourite?
That is a hard question because the answer is always changing. My favorite is usually the one that I've just finished and that you haven't seen because it isn't published quite yet.
do you have a collection?
I collect lots of things; buttons, ribbons, little toys, dolls' clothes and old children's books. And scissors!
what is the hardest part about being a writer?
Being alone alot of the time and wondering if what I'm writing will EVER appeal to ANYBODY.
what is the best part about being a writer?
Being alone alot of the time and going to work in the hammock, wearing my pajamas.


how do you make the same pictures over and over to put in your books?
I only have to make the pictures once. Then the pictures are photographed or scanned and can be printed enough times to make thousands of books.


do you make a lot of money?


how much money do you make?

Let me put it this way. If you buy a paperback copy of one of my books for, say, five dollars. I get what is called a royalty of 6 percent of what you pay. That means when you spend five dollars, I get 30 cents. So, I'm very happy that you bought my book, but everyone in the school will have to buy a book before I can pay for lunch.
is our school the best you have ever visited?

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