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The Invisible Series

The Invisible Day was my very first published book.
 When my first daughter was nine years old, she began to ask when she’d be allowed to walk to school by herself. Kids that age in New York City don't have the same freedom as they might in other parts of the world.“You'd have to be invisible before I’d let you go out alone,” I told her.
 And there was the idea for a story.

These refreshed e-book versions have been lightly edited since the original publication in 1997.

Currently for sale on Amazon in the US only, but soon to be available in Canada.

An audio book of The Invisible Day is in the works and will be available soon!

“A sure-fire crowd-pleaser”

~ Publishers Weekly

Invisible Day.JPG

The Invisible Day

Billie is nearly eleven years old, but her mother sticks to her like glue. When Billie finds a makeup bag in Central Park, it holds a secret that allows a few hours of freedom—a powder that makes her invisible! 

by Marthe Jocelyn

pictures by Emma Chadwick

“Amusingly perceptive”

~ School Library Journal

Invisible Harry Chadwick cover.JPG

The Invisible Harry

Billie’s dream of having a dog has been firmly denied by both her parents. So, when she is offered a puppy—by the whiz-kid scientist who invented a powder that makes things invisible—how can she resist? How hard will it be to look after a pet that no one can see? 

by Marthe Jocelyn

pictures by Emma Chadwick

“Lighthearted, catastrophic action”

~ Booklist

Invisible Enemy Chadwick cover.JPG

The Invisible Enemy

Billie does her best to ignore Alyssa’s jibes at school, but she sometimes wishes that the mean girl would just disappear. That’s exactly what happens when Alyssa snoops in Billie’s backpack and finds the vanishing powder invented by teen scientist Jody. 

by Marthe Jocelyn

pictures by Emma Chadwick

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